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Conflict Resolution

April 15, 2021

We all experience conflict in our lives, and it's not always bad. Learning tools and techniques to resolve conflict are valuable to help students respect other views and perspectives, learn how to cooperate and compromise, and how to solve problems.

As parents and guardians, you may have concerns specific to your child's school experience. We want to work with you to resolve those issues as soon as possible. Our process to resolve issues includes:

  1. Start with your classroom teacher. A private, in-person conversation is often all that is needed to come to an agreement on how to remedy the concern.
  2. If things are unresolved, contact your school principal. S/he may want to meet as a group, or talk to parties individually to ensure all perspectives are heard, understood and considered.
  3. If concerns persist, contact your school's superintendent who will review the issue and continue work towards a resolution.
  4. If concerns remain unresolved, contact the director of education who will review previous steps, discuss the issue with all relevant people and determine a course of action.

Read more about our process to work together to resolve concerns at schools.

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