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French Language Program

April 1, 2022
Fish of the month



École St. Paul is a French Immersion Type B school.  Immersion is the most effective method known for teaching a second language.  The instruction time in French varies from 60% to 100% of the timetable.  The objective of this program is to have students, upon the completion of Grade Eight, functionally bilingual.  For the average person, this takes approximately 5,000 hours of instruction.  Over the course of the eight years of elementary school, plus Kindergarten, our students are exposed to over 5,500 hours of French.  We strive to immerse our students in the French language and culture.

(Kindergarten to Grade 2)

French instructional time varies from 90%-100%:

-Kindergarten: up to 100% in French

-Grade 1 & 2:  Instruction time is 90% (Religion taught in  English)

(Grade 3 to Grade 6)

French instructional time is up to 75%.

Students receive English Language Arts instruction and Religion in English.

(Grades 7 & 8)

French instructional time varies from 60% to 70%. Students receive English Language Arts, Science, Religion and Health instruction in English.

Considerable importance is placed upon the development of basic verbal and written language skills in both French and English.  Math computation, application and problem solving are also emphasized and are completed entirely in French.  It must be noted that all subjects taught in French have a dual purpose:

(a) to increase the child's French vocabulary.

(b) to enhance the child's knowledge base.

A part-time Learning Assistance Teacher also offers aid to students who can benefit from extra assistance in the French language, and in other subjects, as the need arises.

Speak French Incentive - POISSONS DU MOIS

This year, we will be doing Fish of the Month (Poissons du mois) as our French incentive program. When hearing students speak French outside of classroom instruction, staff members will enter student names in a monthly draw. Two winners will be selected and will get to pick a prize. Thank you to our amazing CSCC for donating funds to help our school support this incentive program!  

Poissons du mois


Canadian Parents for French Website:

LEARNING FRENCH - Some frequently asked questions.pdf

French for Parents is a program offered by CPF–SK chapters to enable parents of students learning French as a second language to experience some of what their child is learning. Parents learn basic vocabulary such as a child might learn in the early years of a French Immersion Program. They learn a little grammar and common phrases and become comfortable with the concept of learning a second language. The classes are interactive and offer the parent opportunities to practice their oral and written skills. French for Parents is offered in various locations around the province. Level 1 is designed for parents who have little or no French experience. Level 2 is designed for parents who have completed a Level 1 French program or for anyone who is interested in developing conversational French. Please contact the CPF-SK office if you are interested.

Saskatoon Winter 2019 Session – FFP Registration Form

Supporting your child in French Immersion:

Supporting your child in French Immersion.pdf

A multilevel digital platform designed to cater and adapt to students, parents and teachers.  Offers thousands of rich, up to date educational resources in French for all levels. See link below:


For children ages 2-12 years of age looking for games, programs and videos in French.  See link below:

TFO Resources

BBC: Primary Languages-French

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