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Poissons du mois

Programs, Student Success August 29, 2022
finding nemo - fish of the month

Speak French Incentive - POISSONS DU MOIS

This year, we will be doing Fish of the Month (Poissons du mois) as our French incentive program. When hearing students speak French outside of classroom instruction, staff members will enter student names in a monthly draw. Two winners will be selected and will get to pick a prize. Thank you to our amazing CSCC for donating funds to help our school support this incentive program!  


Congrats to our 2021-2022 Winners

2021-2022: Grade 2 class with the most entries in our draw (too many to count)!
2021-2022: Aria (Gr2) with the most name entries in our draw (37)! 


Juin 2022: Charles (Gr2) and Sophia G. (Gr7)  


Mai 2022: Mesochi (Gr3) and Sully (Gr4) Mesochi.jpgSully.jpg

Avril 2022: Sophia M. (K) and Illia (Gr6)Sophia%20M.-1.jpgIllia%20N..jpg

Mars 2022: Makayla (Gr1) and Hayden (Gr2)makayla.jpghayden.jpg

Feb 2022: Anora (Gr4) and Max (Gr8)Anora.jpgMax.jpg

Jan 2022: Qiniso (Gr3) and Luca (Gr6)Qiniso.jpgLuca.jpg

Dec 2021: Theoren (K) and Aubree (Gr2)

Nov 2021: Farah (Gr4) and Nash (Gr1)Farah%20R..jpgNash%20S..jpg

Oct 2021: Chukwudi (Gr2) and Gibson (Gr8)chukwudi.jpggibson.jpg

Sept 2021: Margo (Gr3) and a student in Gr6 


Bravo les amis!

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