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April 30, 2021

HSA at BJM Course Descriptions

Science 90H – This course serves as an introduction to all sciences through a study of human reproduction, atoms and elements, electricity and space.  Through many opportunities for hands-on learning, students will develop strong lab skills and an understanding of science fundamentals needed for future courses.

Science 10H – Students will delve deeper into chemical reactions, investigate the dynamics of climate and ecosystems and explore forces and motion.  Labs, activities, simulations & inquiry projects will help students to develop their skills so that they are best prepared for all of the 20 level sciences. 

Mental Health & Addictions 10H – Students will become familiar with how to identify and manage feelings and emotions in a healthy way in themselves and in others.  Students will also learn to identify mental health issues, disorders and their contributing factors.  Out-of-classroom educational experiences with our partners will enhance learning.

Health Science 20H/Medical Terminology 180 (dual credit) – Human body systems, nutrition, health care ethics and philosophy, and the diagnosis and treatment of disease will all be explored in this course. Students will learn a number of new lab skills as they consider health case studies and lab results to come up with possible diagnoses for disease.  As part of the course, Medical Terminology 180 will be completed through SK Polytechnic for a dual credit.

Physical Science 20H – This course will allow students to probe further into the foundations of chemistry through the investigation of chemical reactions.  Students will also examine the physics of many types of waves. Emphasis will be placed on developing strong problem solving skills and connecting the science to the world around them.

Toxicology & Environmental Science 20H – The role of humans in the environment will be explored in this course through the study of ecosystems, resource management and environmental testing.  The impact of pollution on human health will also be investigated.

Interpersonal Communications 30H (dual credit) – Effective oral and written communication skills will be studied and practiced in this class.   Other topics will include how to work effectively with others and the effect of attitude and behaviors on a successful job search.

Chemistry 30H – Through lab work and problem solving, students will investigate the chemistry of materials and the characteristics and applications of chemical equilibria and electrochemistry. 

Biology 30H/Opportunity for Athabasca University First Year Biology Credit – In this course, students will learn about the cell and its functions and genetics and biotechnology.   Through a study of evolution, students will examine the relationships between kingdoms of living things.  Students will have the opportunity to continue their study of additional biology topics to attain a first year university credit.

Anatomy 30H (dual credit)– In this dual credit course, students will explore the structure and function of major body systems and how they maintain a healthy body.  Engaging lab experiences will enhance student learning.

Medical Terminology 30H (dual credit) – The focus of this course will be medical language and its use in practical situations.  Emphasis will be placed on medical terms associated with human body systems.

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