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Bishop James Mahoney High School is a Catholic high school and its mission is to assist parents in the development of their children in academic, spiritual, physical and social growth. The athletic program is an extension of the school's instructional, intramural and recreational programs and as such provides an opportunity for such growth. It should be viewed as an enrichment opportunity for students who display strong interest and/or ability in sport or athletics. Inter-school athletics are an integral part of the total educational process, providing each participant with the opportunity to learn and grow according to the Gospel values of justice, freedom and charity. The inherent principle of the Athletic Program is to help young people develop skills that will be a significant and a positive part of their lives.

Objectives of the Athletic Program:

1. to help students develop a love of sport and physical activity

2. to help students develop sport specific skills

3. to help students develop a strong work ethic and a sense of commitment

4. to help students strive for excellence

5. to help students develop the ability to win with humility and lose graciously

6. to help students demonstrate the characteristics of honesty, sportsmanship, leadership and fair play

7. to help the student body develop a wholesome school spirit

SSSAD Sports

Our school sports teams are governed by the Saskatoon Secondary Schools Athletic Directorate (SSSAD). The SSSAD provides a competitive environment for student athletes. Students try out for positions on these teams, with coaches selecting the team rosters. Our school competes in the following SSSAD sports:

Badminton (Junior Team, Senior Team)

Basketball (Junior Boys Team, Junior Girls Team, Senior Boys Team, Senior Girls Team)

Cross Country Running (School Team)

Curling (Boys Team, Girls Team, Mixed Team)

Football (Junior Team, Senior Team)

Golf (School Team)

Soccer (Boys Team, Girls Team)

Track & Field (School Team)

Volleyball (Junior Boys Team, Junior Girls Team, Senior Boys Team, Senior Girls Team)

Wrestling (School Team)

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