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Advanced Placement

Learning Program

Mainstream Program

The mainstream program provides a regular course of studies from Grade 9 to Grade 12. In order to graduate from Bishop James Mahoney High School, a student must have a minimum of 24 credits from Grades 10, 11 and 12. Included in these credits are a number of required courses, some determined by the Ministry of Education and some determined by our school division.

Under the Adult 12 Program, an adult may attain a Grade 12 standing by completion of 7 credits. A minimum of 5 credits must be at the 30 level.

a. Compulsory courses are: English Language Arts A30 and English Language Arts B30, one of the following Canadian Studies courses: History 30, Native Studies 30, or Social Studies 30, one Mathematics at the 20 or 30 level, one Science at the 20 or 30 level.

b. Two electives at the 30 level (one may be a Prior Learning Credit).

c. Note: An adult as defined in Part VI, 21a of the Regulations under The Education Act, 1995 means a person who is at least 18 years of age and who has been out of school for at least one year. Under Department policy a person who is 19 is also considered an adult.

All students in Grade 9 must have 10 classes. To achieve standing in Grade 10, a student must earn a minimum of 8 credits. To achieve standing in Grade 11, a student must earn a minimum of 16 credits (including Level 10 credits), 6 of which must be Grade 11 courses. To achieve standing in Grade 12, a student must earn a minimum of 24 credits (including Level 10 and 20 credits), 5 of which must be Grade 12 courses.

Course selections should be made with the assistance of a Student Services Counsellor, the Vice Principal or the Principal. 

Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement or AP Program offers college level courses and the opportunity to obtain university credits to students in Grade 12. The courses are designed to offer a challenging and internationally recognized program for academically motivated students.

At Bishop James Mahoney High School, Immersion students have an opportunity to challenge the AP French Language exam and students enrolled in Visual Arts 30 may produce a Studio Art portfolio for submission to the College Board. AP English Language Arts is also offered.

Modified Program

The Modified Program at Bishop James Mahoney High School is designed to provide an educational opportunity for students who have difficulty with the mainstream program.

Students who take modified courses will receive modified level credits (11, 21, and 31) within the mainstream classroom for some academic courses. Students may enroll in a partial or a complete modified program. Placement in and removal from the program will be coordinated by the Vice Principal and the Student Services Department in consultation with the student, parents and teachers.

While modified credits are recognized by the Ministry of Education and our school in determining graduation status, these courses do not meet university entrance requirements or the entrance requirements for some of the programs offered at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. 

Career and Work Exploration

Career and Work Exploration is a credit program at Bishop James Mahoney High School which integrates academic studies with work experience in the community. The program includes classroom instruction, work experience, and, for some students, career shadowing.

Students who enroll in Career and Work Exploration may receive two credits while participating in classroom instruction and two six-week job placements. Students are encouraged to select placements which reflect their interest in a career choice. Participation in Career and Work Exploration is limited to students in Grade 11 and 12 who are 16 years of age by the date of their first job placement. For more information contact the Career and Work Exploration Coordinator at Bishop James Mahoney High School.

Additional Education Program

This program is designed for students with special needs who are unable to fulfill the requirements for regular or modified credits in the mainstream program. This program consists of four components: integration in the regular classroom, tutorial, career and work exploration and extracurricular involvement. The spiritual, personal and academic growth of each student is the focus. The Additional Education Program consists of:

Alternative Education Program

Alternative Education level courses are designed to meet the special needs of students who require curricula that are significantly different from those available in the modified level of the English Program.

Functional Integrated Program

These courses are designed for students with intellectual disabilities. The program involves integration in the mainstream classroom, community, work experience, tutorial, life skills and social skills programs.

Driver Education

A Driver Education Program is available at Bishop James Mahoney High School. Instruction is offered through Klassen Driving School (; 306-382-2742).

  • Emphasizes instilling a mature driving attitude and developing good driving skills among drivers.
  • Thirty hours of in-class instruction after school during a four-week period followed by six hours of in-car instruction.
  • Eligibility: Students are eligible if they are aged 14 years and 9 months.
  • Students must be aware that they may be disqualified from the driver education program for absences from the in-class and/or in-car instruction. The driver education teacher will inform students about the requirements of the program.
  • Disqualified students may be required to register with an external driver educator at their own cost. Current cost for this service is approximately $600.

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