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Safe Positive Schools


The Bishop James Mahoney High School Code of Conduct - created by students, staff and parents - defines the values and vision of the school community in which all relationships are conducted in a respectful and dignified manner. In our school, each person has the right and responsibility to contribute to a safe, positive learning environment. It is with this vision the issue of bullying will be dealt with.

The following definition of bullying will be used: Bullying behaviors are negative, hurtful acts that are intentional and repetitive. These behaviors involve a misuse of power to cause physical, verbal or indirect abuse of another person. Bullying can come in many forms. It can look like (but is not limited to):


–punching and kicking

–silent treatment


–cyber bullying

–slapping and hitting


–taking things

–shoving and poking




–name calling

Safe Positive Schools

Division anti-bullying policy

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