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Graduation 2024

Graduation Rehearsal
All students on the Graduation list must attend the MANDATORY Graduation Rehearsal at Bethlehem on Friday, June 21st at 12:30 pm in the theatre.  

Graduands will receive important information regarding the day of graduation and following the instructions will receive their gowns, caps & graduation stoles.  The gown and cap are the students to keep. Graduation Stoles will be collected from all students prior to the end of the graduation ceremonies.  Families are encouraged to have all photos taken prior to arriving at TCU Place on Wednesday, June 26th if they are wishing to have their child in their full graduation regalia. 

Graduation Liturgy and Exercises
Date: Wednesday, June 26th 
Time: 9:30 am (please note the change in time)
Location: TCU Place

All graduates are asked to arrive at TCU Place at 8:30 am to assemble in the grand circle at the top of the first flight of stairs.  There will be staff members to assist in organizing students for the grand entry.  Students are to follow the instructions they received on Friday regarding the entrance of the graduands.

The theatre will be opened for guests to be seated at approximately 9:05 am.  Doors to the Theatre open for guests to be seated for the Liturgy and Ceremonies, once sound checks have been completed. Please be seated by 9:20 am. Seating is on a first come basis with the first 9 rows reserved for graduates and staff.

There is another function following our ceremonies so we ask that families make their way out of TCU Place as quickly as possible following the ceremonies. There will not be time for photo opportunities following the ceremonies. 


To be eligible to participate in Graduation exercises, a student must:

*Have at least 19 credits before entering the final semester

*Be registered in Semesters 2 for enough credits that total at least 24 credits

*Students must also meet Grade 12 requirements of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

*Have passed or be passing all required courses at midterm of Semester 2 (this includes Cyber courses)

*If a student is not passing required classes, the student will meet with Mr. Stroh to make a plan and have two weeks to improve. Parents will be informed. If no improvement has been made, graduation participation may be lost.

*Satisfy the requirements of Christian Ethics 30 and attend the Grade 12 retreat

*Complete and submit their application to graduate form

*Pay all school fees, grad fees and return all school materials

School Sponsored Graduation Activities  

School-sponsored graduation activities include:

  • The Grade 12 retreat (attendance is mandatory for all those wishing to participate in graduation)
  • Graduation rehearsal: Held in the Bethlehem Gym, usually the last day of exam (attendance is mandatory for all those who have qualified to participate in graduation activities)
  • Graduation Mass and Exercises: Held at the end of June after final exams.  Graduands may invite as many guests as they wish to the Exercises.  Tickets are not required and there is no admission charge.


Click to access the Bethlehem Scholarship Award Application

Other Activities

Activities associated with graduation other than those listed above are to be planned by students and parents and are not sponsored by the school.

Chem Free After-Grad

ChemFree AfterGrad is organized through a parent committee with student representation.

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