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Driver Education

Bethlehem Catholic High School in cooperation with Klassen Driving School Ltd. (, offers a program of driver education for students.  The program places emphasis on instilling a mature driving attitude and developing good driving skills among young drivers.  The in-class portion of the program consists of thirty hours of instruction offered after school during a four week period.  The in-car training includes six hours of instruction.  Students should miss only one class period per subject to accommodate the in-car training component.

Students will need to register online with Klassen's Driving school at in order to be enrolled in the Driver Education program. Information on how to register is available at the attendance desk.

Students will receive an email from Klassen's Driving school with an invitation to a class which they will be required to reply to in order to be accepted in the class.

Students must be aware that they may be disqualified from the driver education program for absences from the in-class and/or in-car instruction.  The driver education teacher will inform students about the requirements of the program.  Disqualified students may be required to register with an external driver educator at their own costs.  A current cost for this service is approximately $500.00.

Students who miss a scheduled in-car session without notifying their instructor prior to their absence will be charged for the missed session.

Reminder to students that it is your responsibility to check the drive schedule for your drives. Schedules are posted outside of Student Services and on the Klassen Driving school web page at

Username:  BHdriverED                Password: Lights35

There is a fee for missed drives.

If you have not registered yet, please go to, to register online. Students are reminded to check their emails frequently for invitations for Driver Ed classes.  All invitations are emailed directly to the students email that they registered with.  Failure to reply to the invitation will move students to the bottom of the wait list.

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