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UNESCO Resources

May 3, 2021

Student Resources

UNESCO Resources

•             John Humphrey Centre (for Peace and Human Rights):

•             Resources for Rethinking (all subject areas):

•             Canada Writes (high school)

•              Voices into Action (Human Rights in many countries; quite a bit on the Holocaust)

•              Earth Charter (E)

•              Earth Charter (F)

Complete list of Human Rights


The Four Pillars of Education for the 21st Century

UNESCO International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century advocated the strengthening of four main pillars of learning with themes of study

We have further linked these to the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools themes:

Learning to Know: World concerns and the role of the United Nations system

Growing in Knowledge: Learning about faith here and in the world

 Learning to Do: Education for sustainable development

Rooted in Faith: Stewardship of the Earth

Learning to Be: Peace and human rights

Reaching Out: Social justice

Learning to Live Together: Intercultural learning

To Transform the World: Social justice action/Service

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