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Student Leadership

Student Representative Council

Our Student Representative Council provides voice and leadership for our students. Elections and appointments to the SRC occur in the spring for the following school year.  Grade 9 reps are elected in the fall. The Co-Presidents are the leaders of the SRC and meet regularly with the members to carry out the objectives of the student council.  These objectives are:

  • To create a feeling of unity among all students and develop a healthy school spirit.
  • To encourage student participation in the council, thereby developing leadership and 
     co-operation within the student body.
  • To maintain harmonious relations between staff and students.

To achieve these objectives, the SRC sponsors activities such as Welcome Week and spirit days. These activities are intended to enrich the community of Bethlehem and allow students the opportunity to recognize their role as stewards in our world.  

All students pay a student fee and are eligible to participate in school teams or clubs.  Activity fees collected by the SRC through student fees help to finance the activities of all clubs and teams at Bethlehem Catholic High School.  Funds not used by the end of the year (surplus) will be reallocated or directed to special projects in the areas of drama, music and/or athletics in the next year.

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