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Intercollegiate Athletics

The purpose of STARS Athletics is to create an environment for student athletes to develop a positive attitude, strong work ethic and commitment to teamwork that allows them to face their future with confidence and hope.

We believe STARS Athletics begins with faith, honesty, integrity, personal responsibility and respect for others. We will create an atmosphere that encourages hard work, perseverance and teamwork.

We share the responsibility to recognize, model and promote excellence in the Bethlehem Catholic High School Community.

  • Be Committed
  • Be Courageous
  • Be United

Our school sports teams are governed by the Saskatoon Secondary Schools Athletic Directorate (SSSAD). The SSSAD provides a competitive environment for student athletes. Students try out for positions on these teams, with coaches selecting the team rosters. Our school competes in the following SSSAD sports:

Badminton (Senior & Junior)

Basketball (Senior, Junior Blue & Junior Green)

Cross Country Running


Football (Senior & Junior) 


Officials (Volleyball & Basketball)

Pom Squad


Track & Field

Volleyball (Senior, Junior Blue & Junior Green)

Wrestling (Senior & Junior)

SSSAD Website

Intramural Sports

Intramurals provide an opportunity for all students to participate in athletic activities throughout the year at the school. These activities focus on fun and providing as many students as possible the opportunity to participate.

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