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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) courses allow motivated high school students to undertake university-level academic work and possibly earn a university credit.  Students are required to do considerable reading and assignments to demonstrate analytical skills and writing abilities expected of first year university students.  

Students registered in any of the following courses have the opportunity to write the Advanced Placement exam:

English Language Arts A30P & B30P (Advanced Placement) - Prerequisites: Referral & Administrative Permission
The Advanced Placement Program is an enriched program of English Language Arts study which    students may enter into in their Grade 12 year. The program consists of a course of study approved by the Canadian Advanced Placement Board and The International College Board. Access to the program is based on previous class achievement and recommendation from teaching staff, but high grades are not the only criterion. A student needs to possess a desire to engage in a high-level course of interpretation and critical thinking and be able to express themselves in both writing and speaking at a high level.  English Language Arts needs to be an area of great interest and excitement for a successful candidate. In May of each year, the students will have the opportunity to write the College Board Advanced Placement Examination in English Literature and Composition which can earn them a first year University credit.

Français immersion 30 - Prerequisites: Français Immersion 20 & B20
This course seeks to “help students create a vision of the world which will help them in their adult lives” (Sask. Ed). Students with a minimum of 80% in the French Immersion 20 courses may have the opportunity to prepare and challeng

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