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Polar Bear Club (PBC)

November 23, 2021
polar bear

What is the Polar Bear Club (PBC)?
The PBC was created back in 1962 for students who LOVE playing outside, even when it is a tad cold.  Students in this club, who are properly dressed for the cold, will get to go outside during indoor recesses when a PBC supervisor is available.  

Please email Mme Matheson or to let us know if your child(ren) can participate in the Polar Bear Club (PBC) this winter.  

On such days that we announce PBC can go outside, students in the PBC will have the option to go outside or not, since indoor recesses will always be supervised.  They can also go outside for a few minutes, but enter if they get cold.

Upon receiving parent permission to participate in this club, PBC students will receive a PBC button.  They should wear this pin on their winter coat or tuque so that the PBC supervisor can easily see who has parent permission to be outside.  We will likely collect buttons at the end of the winter season so as to reuse them next year.  Gr8 students who participate in the PBC can keep their button if they want. 

When will we have PBC? 
Indoor recesses will be announced by a staff member if the temperature reaches -27℃ with the wind chill.  The staff member will also announce if PBC can go outside based on a few criteria: 

  • is there a PBC supervisor? 
  • is the temperature with wind chill between -27 and approximately -32 ?  (depending on the wind and the sun)
  • is it safe to go outside? (ice conditions, visibility, etc.)

PBC supervisors reserve the right to send a student inside if they seem inappropriately dressed for the cold or if the student appears too cold. 

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