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Student Retreat 2022

May 27, 2022

Thank you so much to Mme Kustaski and Mme Kmiech for planning, prepping, and putting on our Student Retreat this year!  Thank you to teachers for leading students in activities and to all students for their awesome participation.  

  1. Theme: Rebuild
    Living Rosary together in the gym

  2. Theme: Restore
    Powerpoint, reading, prayer, book read & discussion.
    Make gratitude cards

  3. Theme: Renew
    Powerpoint, reading, prayer, book read/meditative song & discussion
     IMG-7922.jpgCreate a heart with pictures or words of encouragement for the residential school survivors.
    Planted amongst our flowerbeds in front of the school.

  4. Theme: Rejoice 
    Liturgy in the gym led by the gr7/8 class

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