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Fine Arts Program

June 18, 2021

Georges Vanier is a designated Fine Arts School in the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division. The school offers the core curriculum as well as the four main strands that make up the fine arts—music, art, drama and dance.

The fine arts component is incorporated into the teaching strategies of the core curriculum and is also offered as separate components in the weekly timetable. 

Specialized professional educators are used to teach the elements of the fine arts strands. Members of the staff are also blessed with Fine Arts talents that enrich our school to create a unique and interesting learning environment.

The school was recently renovated to add a dance studio, large gym with stage and a visual arts studio.

Read more on Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Special Projects and Student Work.

Music Program

Music-2.jpgThe music program at Georges Vanier consists of an Orff/Kodaly approach to music education in the early years, incorporating movement, rhythm instruments, singing skills and rhythm reading and writing skills. Older students are introduced to instrument playing (recorders, ukulele, guitars and drums) and theory. Singing and performance skills are also components of the music program. There are opportunities for students to join the Junior or Senior Choir. A comprehensive band program is also offered for grade 6 to 8 students. The students may choose from a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. The students learn how to play their instrument, how to be part of an ensemble, music theory, and much more. The band program also allows performance opportunities within the year as well.

Visual Art

Art-1.jpgStudents learn about the elements of art (line, shape, colour, space, value, form, texture) and the principles of design (pattern, balance, contract, movement, emphasis, rhythm, unity) through project-based learning so they can experience these abstract concepts through a hands-on method. The students are exposed to many styles of art through viewing the works of Canadian and international artists. The understanding of art history and the exploration of ideas are as important as the production of art. Art History is a large component in each unit studied. The children view slides and discuss mediums, ideas and artists. The students work in many different mediums each year and are encouraged to express their ideas through art, not just reproduce the world that is around them. They are encouraged to really see what they are drawing, to look carefully, both as image and how it fits into the world around them. Art can make change in the world.

Drama Drama-2.jpgDrama encourages students to learn many ways to communicate, collaborate and express themselves using their body, voice, and imagination. The students think and act creatively, thus developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied in all areas of learning. The students at Georges Vanier have a unique opportunity to develop their own distinctive voice while building interpersonal skills through a variety of different drama games, activities, and our school theatre productions. Students develop their own approach to dramatic storytelling through puppetry, mime, tableau and improv. The children come to drama class excited to share their stories, to share the same passion, to build confidence, and to work together to become their best self!


Dance-2.jpgThe Dance program is designed to introduce students to Dance as both an art and an active sport. Dance can offer both creative artistic expression and an athletic challenge. The primary grades are focused on body awareness, musicality and developing a love and/or appreciation for dance. As students move into the upper years, there is a greater focus on self-expression, exploring a wider range of disciplines, and developing their ability. Overall, the Dance Program is intended to assist the students’ artistic growth and love of the arts.

Special Projects

Georges Vanier Visual Arts - Website

(Webpage is currently under construction so stop by often to check it out)

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