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CSCC Meetings


School Council

Friends of MT Our Catholic School Community Council is an important link between home, community and our school. We invite you to join our council and help contribute to the success of our school. Monthly meetings are usually held at 7:00 pm in the library on the 3rd Monday of each month. Please see the newsletter on  Edsby for confirmation of dates and times.

AGM MTCSCC Minutes Sept 18. 2023.pdf

AGM FOMTCS Minutes Sept 18. 2023.pdf

MTCSCC Minutes Oct 16, 2023.pdf

FOMTCS Minutes Oct 16, 2023.pdf

MTCSCC Minutes Dec 18, 2023.pdf

FOMTCS Minutes Dec 18, 2023.pdf

MTCSCC Minutes Jan 15, 2024.pdf

FOMTCS Minutes Jan 15, 2024.pdf

MTCSCC Minutes Feb 26, 2024.pdf

FOMTCS Minutes Feb 26, 2024.pdf

MTCSCC Minutes Mar 18, 2024.pdf

FOMTCS Minutes Mar 18, 2024.pdf

MTCSCC Minutes Apr 15, 2024.pdf

FOMTCS Minutes Apr 15, 2024.pdf

MTCSCC Minutes May 27, 2024.pdf

FOMTCS Minutes May 27, 2024.pdf

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