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Extra Curricular Activities


Our school offers a variety of out-of-class activities for students to discover and develop their God-given talents.

a. Cross Country Team - Grade 4-8

b. Indoor Track Team - Grade 4-8

c. Junior Boys and Girls Volleyball - Grade 7

d. Senior Boys and Girls Volleyball - Grade 8

e. Junior Boys and Girls Basketball - Grade 7

f.  Senior Boys and Girls Basketball - Grade 8

g. Outdoor Track and Field Team - Grade 4-8

h. Annual Mother Teresa Cup Floor Hockey Tournament - Grade 5-8 boys and girls


a. House Teams-  Eagles, Hawks, Owls, Falcons

b. Code Club - Grade 6-8

c. Rosary Club - Grade 4-8

d. Choir - Grade 3-8

e. Hope Club/SRC - Grade 6-8

f. Safety Patrols - Grade 4-8

g. Recycling Club - Grade 8

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