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About Us


St. Marguerite School

St. Marguerite School was constructed in 1983. Blessing and official opening took place May 4th, 1984 by Bishop James Mahoney & Bishop Basil Filevich. St. Marguerite was named in recognition of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys a teacher who was born in the province of Champagne, France, on Good Friday, Apr. 17, 1620.  

In 1653 Marguerite Bourgeoys emigrated from France to Canada to the settlement of Ville Marie in Montreal. She resisted being sent back to France by convincing the bishop that her services were needed in Montreal. In 1676 Bishop Laval established the congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame with Marguerite as the head. She and the sisters helped minister at hospitals and established schools. They lived in huts fulfilling their call from God. She returned to Frances 3 times to recruit women to serve in the Sisters of Notre Dame.         

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys served in the Canadian wilderness for many years. Her first schoolhouse was a stable, just like where Mary had baby Jesus. When she began teaching the Iroquois children in the 1600s, she placed molasses toffee along the path to the school to encourage the children to come and learn. St. Marguerite was especially dedicated to prayer, serivce and educating children. She was committed to teaching children to farm and take care of their families. She helped care for the young girls of the colony and she organized practical education with an emphasis on kindness in teaching. She became known as the "Mother of the Colony".

St. Marguerite was the first Canadian female saint, canonized (named a saint) by Pope John Paul II, in 1982. She is the patron saint of; poverty, loss of parents and people rejected by religious orders. Here at St. Marguerite School, we use fresh snow to make molasses toffee, on her feast day, which is celebrated on January 12. She passed away on Jan. 12, 1700 in Montreal.  

A Prayer Written by St. Marguerite of Bourgeoys

I come to you with open hands and trust.

Teach me to laugh, pray and grow in wisdom.

Help me learn from you to leave whatever holds me captive,

And follow freely where He leads.

Be with all of your children, and with me too,

For I know you care about us all.

You once were young like me and full of life.

May I, someday, be young like you.


St. Marguerite pray for us.


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