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Faith and Learning

Cardinal Leger is guided by the gospel virtues: Service, Love, Justice, Community, Reconciliation, Courage, Faith and Hope. We begin each day as a school family with a gospel virtue reflection, student-led prayer and morning announcements.

In our school, our goal is to assist parents and the local Church community in the formation of students in heart, mind, body and spirit. Catholic schools strive to provide an atmosphere of love in which students are inspired by hope in Jesus Christ and have their faith strengthened through the power of the Holy Spirit. Education in the Catholic tradition is the lifelong process of seeking and coming to know God in the fullness of creation.

Teachers and support staff of Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools believe in equal dignity and shared responsibility for all individuals. Our educational and spiritual goals are above all to provide educational opportunities that affirm the dignity and worth of each person in heart, mind, body and spirit.

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