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About Us


The school is named after Cardinal Paul Emile Léger (1904-1991), who left his post in Montreal in 1968 to work with lepers in Cameroon. He was part of the conclave who elected Pope John XXIII.  Students from Cardinal Léger started school in September 1969 at St. Patrick School.  There were about 40 students from Grade 1 to 6 and three teachers.  At that time, the principal of St. Patrick was also the principal of Cardinal Léger, spending one half-day at each school.  French immersion began in 1981-1982 with two kindergarten classrooms.  Today, École Cardinal Leger School serves both French and English students.

Principals:  Gene Pulak 1969-1970; Ron Fischer 1970-1971; Karen Rongve 1971-1978; Gene Pulak 1978-1987; Gerald (Buzz) Fogel 1987-1996; Gerry Weinkauf 1996-1998; Mel Revet 1998-2003; Glenn Hunks 2003-2008; Joe Czarnota 2008-2009; Guy Werbicki 2009-2013; Wanda Spooner 2013-

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