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High Schools (Grade 9 - 12)

Bethlehem Catholic High School is our newest school and is located in the western quadrant of the city. Bethlehem currently has about 1350 students enrolled in grades 9 - 12. Bethlehem is connected to the Shaw center which houses an Olympic size swimming pool. Each classroom is equipped with a smart board and projector providing each and every student an opportunity to learn in a technologically advanced classroom.
Bethelhem High School
St. Joseph High SchoolSt. Joseph High School is located in the eastern quadrant of the city. With a population of approximately 1350 students throughout grades 9-12, it offers a comprehensive program for students. St. Joseph is ideally located right next door to the SaskTel Soccer centre which houses a full sized indoor soccer centre. St. Joseph also offers extensive after-school and noon-hour programs including intramural and citywide athletics, music, art and drama clubs as well as social groups.
Bishop James Mahoney High School is located in the northern quadrant of the city. There are currently just over 850 students attending and participating in the academic programs in grades 9-12. Bishop James Mahoney is located close to the Sitter School of Dance and the Kinsmen/Henk Ruys Soccer Centre. Bishop James Mahoney High School is a smaller high school dedicated to taking the extra step in academic and athletic programs, and helping each of their students succeed in every aspect of their program.
Bishop James Mahoney High School
Holy Cross.jpgHoly Cross High School is located in the southern quadrant of the city. With a population of about 1600 students throughout grades 9-12, it has a wealth of resources available. It has an outstanding record in inter-school competitions. Over the years, Holy Cross High School has earned city and provincial championship in badminton, basketball, choral, cross country, curling, debate, football, soccer, stage band, track and field, volleyball, wrestling, and yearbook events. Holy Cross High School provides their students with every opportunity to enjoy a successful academic year.

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