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CSCC Meetings

About our Catholic School Community Council

The provincial government requires every school in our province to establish a school community council; therefore, every school in our division elects a School Community Council. Our division has added the word Catholic to the title. The purpose of this council is to share in the responsibility for the learning, success and well being of all children and youth. To learn more about our Catholic School Community Council, please call the school office at (306) 659-7601.

Our Catholic School Community Council is an important link between home, community and our school. We invite you to join our council and help contribute to the success of our school.

2021-2022 Executive Members

President – Benoit Gaudet

Vice President – Kim Taylor

Secretary – Isabelle Gauthier

Treasurer – Celena Komarnicki

Member(s) at Large – Lorie Henderson, Dana Fenske, Heather Hickey

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