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English as an Additional Language

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) program is designed for students whose first language is not English. Six courses are offered where students have the opportunity to earn credits whether they are just beginning to use English or nearing fluency. The content is individualized and uses a balanced approach to developing, speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Non-credit tutorial classes are also offered to develop language skills while supporting students in their academic programs.

How to register

To register at a school, contact our Registration Centre for Newcomers, at 306-659-7000. The centre is located at our main office in downtown Saskatoon at 420 22nd Street East.

At the registration centre, all students from one family are registered in one visit. Each child completes a language assessment to ensure their new school will be ready to provide the services they need. Families are provided with information on school locations and programming so they can determine which school(s) to register at. Student information and documentation is checked to ensure registration is completed smoothly.

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