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French School Society

June 16, 2021
French School Society 2

What We Do:

The responsibilities of the Society are different than those of other school parent boards:

Budgeting for:

  • Staffing (determines class size)
  • Space Allocation: Science & Computer rooms, Resource Centre (Library)
  • Facility: Roof repairs, electrical upgrades,kindergarten room, new modular classrooms.
  • Technology: Laptops, SmartBoards.
  • Curriculum Materials Purchasing: New math, language, morale, religion texts and materials.
  • Curriculum Enrichment: music education, author/artist visits, special events, guided reading.
  • Bussing: City‐wide bus service.
  • Library materials
  • School Community Activities and Events - Pancake Breakfast, Halloween Dance, Play Day, Special Lunch Program…
  • And much, much more...

Some recent Society decisions:

  • Shorter bus rides.
  • Smart Boards for every classroom.
  • Laptops for every teacher.
  • New computer lab.
  • New curriculum materials.
  • Fire alarm system upgrading.
  • Modular classroom purchase.
  • New Resource Center.
  • Risers for performances.

Parent participation matters!

What You Can Do:

YOU can participate!

Give a little, give a lot:

2 Hours

‐once a year:

attend the AGM (Annual General Meeting); support the school by contributing your thoughts about issues facing the school. Elect a parent Board to work with the staff and GSCS to give your children the education you want them to have. You do not have to be on the Board or a Society member to attend.


join a committee (such as Special Lunch, or Fundraising) or work on an event (like the Halloween Dance, or Teacher Appreciation); help our school be a community that cares.

‐when you wish:

attend the monthly FSS board meetings. All members are welcome to attend; you do not have to be on the Board to participate. See what is going on behind the scenes.

‐once a month:

become a Board Director; vote on the issues that affect our children.

‐monthly, and as needed:

run for Board Executive; volunteer a little extra time to keep the board running smoothly.

A little time goes a long way!

Elected Positions on the FSS Board:

• Chair

• Vice‐Chair

• Treasurer

• Secretary

• Directors (max 16)

* One vote per member family.

* Memberships are $45 per year/family. Memberships may be purchased at the front office, or with your child’s registration.

* No special skills needed: you only need to be a parent/guardian of a Saskatoon French School student and a member of the Society.

* Board meetings are normally held every first Monday of the month.  During the pandemic, the meetings were held virtually at 6:30 pm.

* Minutes of Board meetings can be found on file at the Saskatoon French School library.

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