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New to Canada? To schedule an appointment to register for Bishop Filevich School, visit:

Якщо ви новоприбулі в Канаді, будь ласка, натисніть на посилання щоб вибрати час прийому на реєстрацію дітей в школу.

As the only Ukrainian bilingual school in Saskatchewan, Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School plays an important role in the Ukrainian community. Our philosophy is “Language – the Soul of a Nation.” Ukrainian language, heritage, faith and culture are part of all subjects and are evident in every classroom. New students (preferably before Grade 3) are always very welcome to join our Bishop Filevich family. Download our brochure to learn more, or call the school at 306-659-7230 for more information or to register, click the link below.  

At Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School, we want to ensure your child has the best start possible in our school, working with the parents or guardians to begin developing a relationship of cooperation in the education of our students.

We ask that you call the school at 306-659-7230 to arrange for registration. On average, registration takes about 30 minutes as we get to know each other and fill out the paperwork. 

When registering your child, it is helpful to have the following information handy: 

  • All contact information (home address, phone number, work number)
  • Health cards and/or Treaty cards for your child.
  • A baptismal certificate (if you have one)
  • An emergency contact person, with his or her address and phone number in case we cannot reach you.
  • If you have a family doctor, having the phone number is helpful.
  • Knowledge of the previous school(s) your child attended, if any. We may contact the previous school to get to know the learning needs of your child better.

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