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Safe Positive Schools



Statement of Policy

Father Vachon School will not tolerate bullying behaviour.  Guided by our gospel values and our belief statements, bullying behaviour will be dealt with as necessary. 

Father Vachon School supports the following belief statements:

  • It is a prayerful, faith-filled school.
  • It is a safe and happy place.
  • We have the right to learn and have fun.
  • We will respect ourselves and others.
  • We will try our best and work hard.

Actions to address incidences of bullying behaviour shall take into account:

  • Recording of bullying incidences to note frequency and intensity.
  • Age and maturity level of students.
  • Surrounding circumstances and the context in which the incident occurred.
  • Nature of behaviours in the past related to similar incidents or continuing patterns of behaviour.
  • Relationships among the parties involved.

Read more about how we strive to build Safe Positive Schools.

Every student has the right to a safe, positive school environment.

Read the division’s anti-bullying policy.

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