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We pride ourselves at providing creative and contemporary opportunities for your child to grow and learn by. The school provides many activities within and outside of the school environment that encourages the development of academic and physical growth. Also, École St. Matthew School has an active "Catholic School Community Council", which works in conjunction with the school administration and teachers to enhance the school's mission of delivering Saskatchewan Curricula within a Catholic environment.

MEET THE TEACHER NIGHT: "Meet the Teacher Night" occurs in early September to give parents an opportunity to meet the administration and classroom teachers. It lasts approximately 1 hour and focuses on a discussion about curriculum, instruction, assessment and classroom expectations. This evening is also an opportunity to hear about volunteerism.

FAMILY TIES DANCE: This is one of the first events of the year and sponsored by the 'École St. Matthew Catholic School Community Council'. It is a family dance and various prizes are given out for creative costuming and unique dancing. It is a fun evening with a concession and plenty of dancing and music that the entire family can enjoy.

SCHOOLS WIN TWICE: This is the primary fundraiser for our school and organized by the parents of the 'École St. Matthew Catholic School Community Council' and 'The Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Foundation'. The school benefits by earning a percentage of the sales, which is applied to specific school programs or projects. 

HOT LUNCH: Hot lunches occur once a month and are organized by the hot lunch coordinator.  Most hot lunches are ordered at  These lunches can vary and have included sub sandwiches, pizza, salad bar, turkey dinner etc.  On a hot lunch day, two classrooms will provide baking for a school-wide bake sale. The bake sale proceeds go to the  classrooms hosting for their various class projects. 

BAND: Grade 6 to 8 students may join the band program. It is an enriching experience for students to be involved playing music together. They showcase their talents 2-3 times per year in school-based concerts where parents are encouraged to attend.100% participation is preferable for grades 6 to 8 students as music appreciation is part of the Saskatchewan Curriculum.

INTRAMURAL & INTERSCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Our primary objective is to provide students with opportunities to play and participate in activities that have an emphasis on fun, fair play, and the development of skills and physical fitness. The delivery of inter-school sports is dependent on student interest, and availability and expertise of coaches.  To ensure the success of the interschool sports program, parents are asked to volunteer their time for driving or offer their talents as a coach.

LUTHER SPECIAL CARE HOME: The students of École St. Matthew School have a special relationship/partnership with the residents of Luther Special Care Home. Opportunities are created for our students to experience a relationship with the elderly, for example: Easter egg hunts, costume parades, bowling, etc.

LENTEN ACTIVITIES: During the Lenten season, the students and staff of École St. Matthew School are involved in many activities that strengthen our understanding of Jesus Christ and thus our need to engage in charitable work. The École St. Matthew School Community helps a number of important missions in other lands by offering fund-raising activities for parents, students and staff.

SKIING: Once a year, the students in grades 5 to 8 are able to go skiing at a nearby ski hill for a fun day on the slopes.  We leave early in the morning and get home around 6pm. It is a day enjoyed by all.

SKATING: Students participate in ice skating during school hours at Lion's arena or the Clarence Downey Oval as part of their physical education programs. CAA approved helmets are required.  The Catholic School Community Council rents a limited number of helmets and skates at a low fee to promote student safety and facilitate physical education activities.

CONCOURS D'ART ORATOIRE: As part of the French language program, the students at École St. Matthew have an opportunity to enhance their public speaking abilities by competing in a province-wide competition for grades 6 to 8 students. The primary grades also take part in a non-competitive recitation of poetry and speeches.

FUN NIGHT: This event is held in the spring and is for the whole family to enjoy. Parents are asked to participate to make a fun night for the students.  There are numerous games, prizes, a silent auction and a pizza supper. Venue tickets are sold and there is no cost of admission.

PLAYDAY: This is a day of fun and physical activities for the all students.  Parents are encouraged to spend the day with their children. Remember to bring the sunscreen and hats!

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