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New to Canada? Please book an appointment at our Newcomer Registration Centre at 420 22nd Street East.

Student Registration

To register your child, please email the school at

At St. Luke School, we always want to make sure your child is set up for success. In order to do this, it is important for the principal or vice principal to meet with parents or guardians to begin developing a relationship of cooperation in the education of our students.

Some important information you will require is::

  • All contact information (home address, phone number, work number)
  • A Birth Certificate (for proof of age) or a Baptismal certificate (if you have one)
  • An emergency contact, their address and phone number in case we cannot reach you.
  • Knowledge of the previous schools your child attended. We often call the sending school to get to know their learning needs of your child better.

We are pleased to now offer an Online fillable Registration Form:

GSCS Registration Grade Form Tues-Thurs-alt Fri -Dec 8, 2021 Fillable Form.pdf

If your child is non-Catholic we would ask you to complete the "Non-Catholic Student Declaration of Intention" form listed below:

Declaration of Intention Form for Non-Catholic Student.pdf

Please email your forms to

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