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To register your child(ren), you can:

1.  Download and complete a registration form for each child using the link below:

       Registration Form.pdf Save the form and email to

 Kindergarten Registrations: Important information you will need to provide:

                *  Health card

                * Baptismal certificate (if you have one)

                * Birth Certificate 

                * For registration to be complete we will need to see one document.  This will be for verification purposes only and then destroyed.

Kindergarten Registration Form 2022-23.pdf

 2. Complete the registration form as above and email to or 

        Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

Attn: Kent Gauthier

420 22nd Street East

Saskatoon SK  S7K 1X3

We are an open and inclusive school community. Non-Catholic children are welcome to attend, with the understanding that your child(ren) will participate in spiritual formation of a Catholic school and that parent/guardians will support the mission, vision and values of the school division. You must complete and return the Non-Catholic Student Declaration of Intention with your registration form.

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