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About Our CSCC

Catholic School Community Council

 Our St. Augustine CSCC has a very important role within our school community:

  1. Provides an important connection between home, community and school.  Our meetings are opportunities for parents to learn about what is happening at school.   
  2. The CSCC also provides formal way for school administrators and parents/caregivers to connect.  We meet 5-6 times a year and we commit to a one-hour timeline for our meetings. 
  3. An opportunity to collaborate to ensure the success and well-being of our children.  The CSCC works to enhance and support the learning of all the children at St. Augustine.   
  4. The important fundraising work done by the CSCC has helped pay for:  Student Retreats; Buses for classes to travel to Batoche; Sports Equipment / Art Supplies / Supplies for Clubs / Funding for Classroom Activities; Tablets (for instance games for winter indoor recesses; additional Learning Resources such as Guided Reading materials and additional “Take Home reading” books for our primary students, and library books.  
    • 2022-2023 Fundraisers
      1. Schools Win Twice – Catholic Schools Foundation and our School benefits (October)
      2. Mom’s Pantry (November)
      3. Bake Sale prior to Advent Celebration (December)
      4. Mabel’s Labels & True Earth Fundraisers (on-going throughout the year)

Our continued success relies on the St. Augustine School community coming together to work toward the success for everyone. Please contact our school office at (306) 659-7270 for more information about our school council.  

Together we SOAR!

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