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About Us

About Us


Dear Friends,

 It is with great pride that I welcome you to St. Augustine Catholic School. Our school is a learning community that comes together in work and prayer, seeking success for each student as we strive to deepen our core values of: faith, life-long learning, and responsible citizenship. These school-wide learning expectations help us to illustrate what we expect from the students at St. Augustine School. We envision them to be fully prepared to not only enter high school, but to also be prepared to step forward as empowered citizens who understand their responsibility to give back to others and to their communities. Coupled together, these provide a solid base for students to face new challenges and to meet them with confidence and grace.   

St. Augustine School, a vibrant school community, is blessed with the opportunity to serve the educational needs of your children. Our dedicated staff works closely together to create a sense of family within our school community, as we believe in providing a safe and caring Christ-filled, inclusive environment.   As a staff, we educate the whole child to reach his or her full potential – intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically, in partnership with school, home, parish and the broader community.  We seek continuous improvement to ensure the highest quality of education is provided for your child(ren).  We are proud of our students' accomplishments in the classroom and within the East College Park community! 

We are also very proud of the family-oriented community at St. Augustine School.  School families, integral partners in education, provide our school with time, talent, and treasures that enable us to be a safe, nurturing environment for students and a welcoming, inclusive environment for all families. It is only with the support and dedication of many people that St. Augustine School can be a wonderful place to learn and grow in.  

It is a privilege to serve students and families and continue the excellence of Catholic education at St. Augustine School. We are proud of our school and would welcome the opportunity to provide a school tour and answer any questions you my have.  Our school is ready to welcome you and your child on this journey of learning and growth.  We look forward to meeting you!



Jackie Doepker, Principal


1623872398322.jpegThe school is named after St. Augustine (354 - 470), a philosopher, theologian, orator, pastor and man of God. It opened in 1975 with eight permanent classrooms, a small library, science room and gymnasium. Located in East College Park, it is attached to St. Augustine Church. The official opening and blessing of St. Augustine school and chapel was held on October 3, 1976 with Father Al Pich and Father Ken Beck. The school has been known for its innovative programs, sports and extracurricular activities since it opened. The first principal, Sister Juliana Heisler, stressed the importance of living one's faith and focused strongly on early reading, community-building, school sports and the incorporation of physical activity into each school day. In 1979-80, St. Augustine became the largest Catholic school in the city, growing to 472 students, including 72 in kindergarten and 70 in Grade 1. Throughout its history, St. Augustine has had an engaged parent community that actively supports its school.

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