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Xhrystoc Voskres! Christ is risen!

Board August 25, 2022

Slava Icycy Xhresty! Glory Be to Jesus Christ!

We’ve been hearing a lot things opening over the last several weeks.

With the start of Lent, or the Great Fast, weeks ago, we were called to open our hearts to God’s presence in prayer—to open our hearts to his mercy and forgiveness so that we may in turn openly give mercy and forgiveness to others.

During this season, we are called to be good stewards of God’s gifts and open our wallets to give alms.

We have used the term “opening up” as pandemic restrictions were removed weeks ago.

The ruts on the streets have melted, and the potholes opened up.

The ground is opening up in another way, too, as tulips and crocuses break through the spring soil.

We have opened our borders and homes to welcome refugees who are fleeing the horrors of war.

In a few short days, we commemorate the tomb of Jesus opening and his glorious resurrection. And of course, Jesus opened the gates of Heaven for us, thanks to the sacrificial love that was poured out upon the cross of Calvary.

What does Jesus ask in return of this sacrifice? To open our hearts to him and his love. To be open to receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit—the same spirit he poured out upon the disciples in the upper room on Pentecost.

And then, he asks that we openly give away those gifts he has poured on us—that we proclaim his offer of salvation to all, as he commanded before he ascended into Heaven.

As we move from Lent to Easter, from sacrifice to feast, from sorrow to joy, may we all be open to knowing, loving and serving God as we are all called to do.

Xhrystoc Voskres! Christ is risen!

May you and yours have a blessed Easter season.

Diane Boyko, Board of Education Chair on behalf of all GSCS Board of Education trustees

PS: For those of us who follow the Julian calendar, we continue the Great Fast and celebrate Easter on April 24. 

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