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Faith and Learning

We at St. Michael believe we are part of a spiritual community. Our faith permeates all aspects of the school and every day is a new chance to spread kindness and respect to one another. Working with elders and cultural leaders, St. Michael also incorporates First Nations traditions and ceremonies where possible. We have smudges and feasts and have incorporated other traditions into our school liturgies and masses where appropriate.

We pray together as a school every day in morning devotions and classrooms are encouraged to pray throughout the day (before lunch and at the end of the school day). We regularly hold liturgies during the different liturgical seasons and join with our neighbourhood parish four times a year for a school-wide mass.

We also believe strongly in social justice. Our students are very blessed by the generosity of community organizations and individual members and always wish to give back. We raise money through different events, like our Easter Basket raffle during Lent, which has helped to raise hundreds of dollars for a school in Africa and Ronald McDonald House.  

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