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Land-Based Learning/Kanaton (welcome, our land is clean)


Learning with the Land continues to be an integral part in Métis culture. Our grade 7/8 class had an opportunity to continue their journey on the land at Eagle Creek. With Kôkum Mary and our ASAC Desiree MacAuley’s knowledge and wisdom, students learned about plants grown on the land and their medicinal purposes. Students were each offered a small pinch of tobacco to lay their prayers down onto Mother Earth before they began harvesting sage. While harvesting students walked around peacefully enjoying the time out on the land, learning about traditional medicines, the harvesting process, and listening to Kôkum Mary’s stories. Students also had quiet time to reflect on the land where they could pray silently, dance, or write.

The students were extra excited for lunch while out at Eagle Creek. It was the first time since COVID that protocols had been lifted and students could enjoy making their meals over an open fire. With the help of Kôkum Mary students made bannock, then wrapped it around a stick, added a hot dog if they chose, and then cooked it over the fire. It was delicious!! When reflecting back on the day, that was the majority’s favorite thing that had happened!


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