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Staff List

First Name Last Name Title Email
Andrew Novecosky Principal
Curtis Wagner Vice Principal
Marie Moldenhauer Office Coordinator 1
Taylor-Rae Arcand Teacher
Erinn Beech Teacher
Gregory Bubnick Teacher
Taylor Dziadyk Teacher
Sandra Gabruch Teacher
Michele Hildebrandt Teacher
Hannah Lefebvre Teacher
Dale Leuschen Teacher
Francis Lord Teacher
Meaghan MacDonald Teacher
Amy Manning Teacher
Kelley-Anne Maxemniuk Teacher
Nicole Parent Teacher
Erykah Pool Teacher
Kim Smith Teacher
Sandra Weinheimer Teacher
Lauralee McElwee Educational Assistant
Vanessa Mikituk Educational Assistant
Coralie Sewell Educational Assistant
Klara Shamoon Educational Assistant
Laurie Stotz Educational Assistant
Denise Strong Educational Assistant
Ingrid Valbuena Tapia Educational Assistant
Catalin Micu Head Caretaker II

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