Parents interested in home-based education from a Catholic, faith-based perspective may register with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools.

Eligible students must be between 5 and 18 years old.

To register, a written notice of intent and a written education plan must be submitted by September 23, 2019.

Home-based learners registered with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools will have access to several supports, including:

  • student and teacher resources (materials available to borrow)
  • GSCS Cyber School:
    • Grades 5-12: free access to hybrid options (online course resources by subject and grade level. Cyber School teacher assessment and support not included).
    • Grades 5-12: 2 free classes per year from GSCS Cyber School (Cyber School teacher assessment and support included).
    • No support for Distance Education classes taken outside of GSCS Cyber School.

Here are some resources that will provide more information:

Home-Based Education Information
Home-Based Education Plan and Notification
Example of Home-Based Education Plan
Broad Areas of Learning

The Ministry of Education also has helpful information: 

Saskatchewan Home-Based Education: Policy and Procedures Manual
Saskatchewan Curriculum Website 
Education Act 
Home-Based Education FAQ