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Thérèse, born in Lisieux, France in 1873, belonged to a very holy family. When she was only four years old, her mother became very sick and died. Because Thérèse was the youngest child, and people felt badly for her because she lost her mother, she was very spoiled. When her older sister, Pauline, decided to leave home to join the convent, Thérèse was heartbroken and became very sick. One day, while she was looking at a statue of Mary near her bed, she saw Mary smile at her. Immediately Thérèse was cured from her illness. Thérèse was only a young teenager when she let people know that she wanted to join the Carmelite convent. Even though everyone thought she was too young, Thérèse eventually sought permission from the pope, who was so amazed by her courage and strength that he allowed her to join the convent. There, Thérèse discovered living the "Little Way," doing every little thing that she could with great love for Jesus. She died of illness at the age of 24. Her feast is celebrated on October 1. It is believed that her prayers result in a "shower of roses", both figurative and literal, for those who seek her intercession.​