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​​Our academic program follows the Ministry of Education curriculum. Students take all subjects, plus religion as a locally determined option. The permeation of the Catholic faith is incorporated into all curriculum areas, plus formal religion classes.  Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools is committed to assessment and evaluation practices that recognize a variety of learning styles and academic needs.  At our annual "Meet the Teacher Night", each teacher provides an overview of the curriculum expectations for their particular grade(s).

 French Language Program

Students at the Grade 6, 7 & 8  level will receive French Language learning through Core French.  


Band instruction is available to Grade 6, 7, and 8 students.  Classes are twice a week during the regular school day and also require practicing at home.  Students will display their skills to parents and students through band concerts and music festival performances during the school year.

In spring, Grade 5 students and parents have an opportunity to attend an information meeting that explains the band program and instrument selection process.  Grade 7 & 8 band students are also welcome to join the After-School Band Program that takes place on Tuesdays.

Learning Assistance Program

The Learning Assistance Teachers (LATs) work in collaboration with classroom teachers to develop and implement appropriate instructional interventions to better meet the needs of students. Support is provided in a variety of methods including: collaborative planning, team teaching, small group instruction and individual student assessment. The role of the LAT is flexible, allowing for opportunities to meet the individual needs of students.  Students identified with intensive needs receive additional support for learning with educational assistants.  Quality instruction is provided through a team approach working with students, parents and other special services staff.

Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO)

The ELO program refers to a system-wide program for gifted/talented students. We recognize that each student is unique and has special gifts and needs. Classroom teachers accommodate individual interests and talents in their classroom programs. Extended learning opportunities for students at the Grade 4-8 level are supported for a portion of the school year through joint planning and delivery by the catalyst teacher, teacher librarian and the classroom teacher.

Students in Grade 3 and 6 participate in the Canadian Test of Cognitive Skills that is used as a partial screen for ELO designation.   Individual students may be considered in any other year between Grade 4 and 8 at the discretion of the classroom teacher, catalyst teacher, teacher librarian or parent.

Inquiry-based Learning

Our Learning Resource Centre, as part of the total school program, is designed to assist our students to become independent, life-long learners. To achieve this, the teachers and the teacher-librarian cooperate in the planning and teaching of units of study which will help students learn the skills necessary to find, assess, organize and present information from a variety of sources. 

To facilitate the operation of our teaching programs at individual, group and class levels, our Learning Resource Centre contains a variety of media including books, periodicals, and audiovisual materials. Students are instructed and encouraged to make use of all materials at times during the school day convenient to their learning program.