Welcome back to a new school year celebrating Catholic education.  Together with the staff of Bishop Pocock School, we are committed to our work ensuring that we have a safe, positive and caring school.  We aspire to the mission of our school division...rooted in faith, growing in knowledge, and reaching out to transform the world.  We are excited about the year ahead, and look forward to serving the Bishop Pocock School community.​

As a safe, positive and caring school, our emphasis on gospel values is foundational to our Catholic practice and beliefs. We aim to continue to practice our gospel values and virtues through acts of service.  As a school team we are committed to academic excellence. We believe in continuous improvement and will strive to meet the educational needs of each individual student.  Our Learning Improvement Plan will guide teachers to ensure curricular outcomes are achieved in all subject areas.

The Catholic School Community Council also plays a dynamic role in helping us achieve our goals.  Our parent community is very important in our work with our students, volunteer work in and out of our school, as well as in helping us achieve learning improvements.  In collaboration, everyone's contribution is valued and integral to the wonderful spirit and community we enjoy at Bishop Pocock School.

Have a wonderful year!


Don Rongve, Principal  

Colette Berg, Vice-Principal