Our school offers a variety of out-of-class activities for students to discover and develop their God-given talents.

​The following sports may be coached by staff & volunteers:

  • Cross Country, September, Grades 4 -8
  • Volleyball, October-November, Grades 7-8
  • Indoor Track, December-March, Grades 5-8
  • Basketball, January-March, Grades 7-8

Students are encouraged to participate and will play approximately equal time in games, provided they have attended practice and demonstrated a positive attitude and respectful conduct towards teammates and coaches. The focus of the program is on improving skills, working co-operatively as a team and exhibiting good sportsmanship.

Other extracurricular programs are also offered that may include:

Choir, Sign Club and other clubs determined by staff expertise and student interest. 

Senior students also have an opportunity to demonstrate leadership by working as part of our Student Leadership Team, being a Lunch Monitor, Milk Seller and or a member of our Phone Club.