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The official opening and blessing of St. Mark School was held on November 25, 1978. 

St. Mark School was named in honor of St. Mark, the Evangelist, Author of the Second Gospel, Patron of the City of Venice.

Its Aim - As a Catholic School, St. Mark is a school in which God, His truth, and His life are integrated into the entire curriculum and everyday life of the school.  It's aim is to introduce the students into a Christian community which is enlivened by the gospel spirit of freedom and charity; a community involving children, teachers, priests and parents; a vibrant living community which does not look in upon itself but look outward to all men without exception.

It's History
March 24, 1976 - the ratepayers of the School District approved a money bylaw for the construction of St. Mark School in Fairhaven.
September 15, 1976 - The tender for the construction of the school was awarded.
August 29, 1977 - Construction of the school was completed and the first classes were held.
November 29, 1978 - Blessing and official opening of St. Mark School.

Official Cutting of Ribbon
Parent - Mrs. S. Metcalfe
Teacher - Mrs. G. Fairbrother
Student - Shannon Zurowski

Blessing and Special Greetings by the Bishops
Most Reverend J.P. Mahoney
Most Reverend A. Roborecki

Board of Education
St. Paul's R.C.S.S.D. No. 20
Mr. P. J. Hammel, Chairman
Mr. M Kowal
Mr. F. McGrath
Father B. Lafreniere
Mrs. J. Patola
Mr. N. Lucyshyn
Dr. E. Scissons
Mr. W. Podiluk, Director of Education
Mr. G. Molloy, Secretary-Treasurer

St. Mark School Staff
1978 - 1979
Mr. R. Phaneuf, Principal
Mrs. J. Early
Mrs. G. Fairbrother
Miss K. Omelan
Miss C. Saretsky
Fr. B. Lafreniere, School Chaplain
Mrs. H. Harder, Teacher Aide
Mrs. L. Di Iorio, Clerical Assistant

Interesting Facts
Total Floor Area   14,230 square feet
Total Project Cost   $725,710.00
Number of Students:
August 29, 1977 - 37
August 30, 1978 - 100
Grades taught - Pre-Kindergarten to 8 inclusive
Pre-Kindergarten,one class of 16 introduced in 1997 
and has flourished to 4 classrooms of 16 each
School Colors - Orange and Royal Blue

St. Mark Blessing and Official Opening - 1978.pdf


For a more indepth history of the Fairhaven area, please see the following Wikipedia link:

2018-2019  Mission and Vision

St. Mark Catholic School is an inclusive, loving community inspired by the Gospel. Our students honour culture and grow by learning in a safe, responsible and respectful environment.

St. Mark Lions serve to nourish our individual gifts and talents to provide authentic opportunities to become life-long learners and engaged citizens.

"If you can?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for one who believes."

Mark 9:23