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In our schools, our Catholic faith is living and growing. Learn how staff and students cultivate their faith through celebration, instruction and service.

St. Mark School was named after St. Mark, the Patron Saint of Venice.  His feast day is celebrated on April 25.  St. Mark's symbol is a winged lion.  This is believed to be derived from his description of St. John the Baptist, as "a voice of one crying out in the desert" (Mark 1:13).  The wings come from Ezekiel's vision of our four winged creatures as the evangelists.  
St. Mark, our Patron Saint, was an evagelist, or gospel writer.  In fact, he was the pioneer in Gospel writing.  His is the shortest and the oldest of the Gospels.  Litlle is known of Mark except from the New Testament.  He was not one of the twelve apotles, but was a member of the first Christian community.  Mark had firthand experience of the early Church and apostolic life.  He was a traveling companion and assistant of Paul and Barnabas on the first missionary journey.  Mark's gospel was a great contribution to the Church.  it included oral and written tradition concerning the words and deeds of Jesus.  mark probably secured some of his material from St. peter.  He shows Jesus as the suffering Son of God.  mark knew that to acecpt the Risen Jesus meant to come to terms with the cross.  Jesus was glorified because he willingly allowed himself to suffer death ofr our salvation.  Mark writes that anyone who wishes to follow Jesus must accept the cross.