COVID-19 Update: 2020-21 school year begins September 1. Details to come in August. Read More

  • Covid-19 Action Update

    As you know, all schools in Saskatchewan are closed due to the Covid-19 virus and directions from the education sector of the Provincial Response Planning Team as of March 20, 2020 until further notice.

    Teachers with the support of Learning Assistant Teachers and Educational Assistants have provided supplemental learning opportunities for all students through online platforms for at home learning.  Teachers were to start offering these platforms by April 6 but many teachers sent out communications to their families to join the week of March 30 – April 3 and included one of SeeSaw, Google Classrooms or Microsoft Teams depending on the classroom and grade. 

    All families have been invited to join these virtual classrooms and although this learning is not mandated, we are pleased that the majority of students have signed up. The learning is primarily focused on Math, Literacy and Faith with some cross-curricular content that may add other subject areas. 

    Online learning will continue until students and staff are allowed to return to schools.  We do not know when that may be but it is important to ensure the safety of our students, staff and their families.

    If you need any clarification, have any questions or your child needs some support please contact/reply to the teacher through the platform or through their email – see below.

    Mr. S.
    Ms. J.
    Ms. E.
    Mrs. S. LeskoTeacherGr.
    Mrs. B. HautzTeacherGr. 1/
    Mrs. A. KarolatTeacherGr.
    Mrs. K. ThomasTeacherGr.
    Mrs. S. SancheTeacherGr. 3/
    Miss T. BassTeacherGr.
    Ms. T. RitchieTeacherGr. 4/
    Ms. A. MarchandTeacherStart
    Mrs. J. PoliteskiTeacherGr.
    Ms. E. KostTeacherGr. 5/
    Mr. J. StraskyTeacherGr.
    Ms. J. AltenbergTeacherGr.
    Mr. S. ChaissonTeacherGr.
    Mrs. J. ShenherTeacherGr.
    Mr. B. WeinheimerTeacehrGr.
    Mr. J.
    Ms. L.
    Mrs. R. PionVice PrincipalTeacher Librarian/
    Miss S. SehnTeacherBand/Music
    Mr. G.
    Miss K.
    Mr. S.