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St. Luke School is named in honour of St. Luke the Evangelist, who was a Greek physician and a companion of St. Paul on some of his missionary journeys.  St. Luke is the author of the third gospel and the Acts of the Apostles.  From his gospel we receive much of the account of the virgin birth of Christ, such moving parables as The Good Samaritan and The Prodigal Son and the words of Christ to the women of Jerusalem and the Good Thief.  All these elements underline the compassion of Christ, which together, with Luke's emphasis on poverty, prayer and purity of heart, make up much of his specific appeal to the Gentiles for whom he wrote his gospel.

St. Luke is the patron saint of artists as well as doctors and surgeons.  His feast day is October 18th.

​​​​​​St. Luke School is also dedicated to all laity who have been and are involved in Catholic education.  Such a dedication expresses the Board's appreciation to the women and men of our past and of our present whose commitment to the Christian education of young people has been so significant to the educational ministry of the Church.

St. Luke School was opened in the fall of 1989.  At its official opening the following spring, it was blessed by both Bishop James Mahoney and Bishop Basil Filevich.