February 26, 2018

Present: Francois Rivard, Sarah Nunweiler, Kendall Kayter, Jennifer Vellacott, Candace Lamon, Lisa McCullough

Absent: Kevin Leschyshyn, Kari Edighoffer, Crystal Ardell, and Rena Hrycuik

1.      Call to Order 6:00 pm

2.      Opening Prayer

3.      Addition to agenda - Ernest Lindner SCC Introductions and Traffic Survey review

  • Reviewed the Survey responses on traffic concerns in front of the schools.  This may not have been sent out to St. Lorenzo Ruiz families – Francois will have this sent out next week. 

4.      Adoption of the minutes from last meeting

Kendall makes a motion to adopt the minutes.  Jennifer 2nd the motion, and all in favor.

5.      Business arising from the minutes -

  1. Milk Survey Results – Only 21 families took part in the survey.  Saputo already has a contract with the School Board.  Discussed info around getting involved in this program.  There are no volunteers at this point to run the program.  Decision made to wait until the Fall to start the Milk Program.
  2. Movie Night – March 2, 2018 – No entrance fee - Doors open/pizza arrives 6:30 pm Movie begins 7 pm

    Technical set up – Francois and Kevin will take care of this. 

    Candace will buy hard copy of the movie and raffle it off at the end of the night. 

    Francois will put an ad in the newsletter and will let parents know that kids can bring pillows, and blankets to the movie. 

    Candace will purchase snacks, popcorn bags, and concession items. 

    Pizza can be purchased ahead and has already been added to healthy hunger, went out last week. 

    Anyone who can help set up from CSCC please arrive at 6 pm.

    Chairs will be set up at the back for parents and blue mats put out for the kids to lay on. 

6.      Treasurer's Report – Report was presented. 

Jennifer Vellacott made a motion to accept the report as presented, Candace Lamon 2nd this motion and all were in favor.

7.      Admin Report – See Attached

8.      Chair's Report -

  1. Family Photo Session/Fundraiser - Kendall spoke about quote she received from one photographer– Email was sent with details.  Looking to do this the end of April.  Kendall will get a couple more quotes from photographers.  CSCC members are to please give feedback to Kendall.
  2. Carnival – Next year we would be interested in looking at doing a carnival in partnership with Ernest Lindner and Tykes N Tots.  Maybe look at May 2019 – Big event to put on may have to look at a sub committee for this.
  3. St. Lorenzo Ruiz Yearbook – The idea of having a St. Lorenzo yearbook was brought up.  Francois will look into the details for releasing student pictures in a situation like this.

9.      Committee Reports – No reports to be made at this time.

10.   Next Meeting – March 19, 2018

11.   Adjourned Meeting 7:45 pm

Administrators' Report

February 2018

  1. Thank you: Choir at Annual Meeting, CSCC for the Appreciation Lunch
  2. Activities – Choir, Track, Bball
  3. Westjet Tickets update
    1. 100 tickets sold
    2. Would be nice to send a few books out with CSCC members.
  4. Faith (Lent)
    1. Liturgies are all set
    2. Donation Hot Lunch
    3. Pool Our Love Oatmeal
    4. Service Projects
    5. Spirit Days (hat and PJ/comfy)
  5. K Open Houses were well attended
    1. Currently 34 students are registered.
  6. Vision and Mission is Complete. We will be posting it soon.
    1. Logo challenge and clothing sales
  7. Ski Trip and Physical Activity Day
  8. Milk Survey
    1. 21 families (34 students)
    2. Min $100 order (200) = We would use 300 every 2 weeks
    3. Cost of $0.75 per milk. Cards only, no cash.