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Lorenzo was born in Manila, in the Philippines, around 1600. Lorenzo had a Chinese father and a Filipino mother. During his youth, Lorenzo learned Spanish from the Dominican priests, whom he served as altar boy and sacristan. He was exceptionally gifted with beautiful penmanship and became a professional calligrapher, earning the title of escribano—one who transcribes baptismal, confirmation and marriage documents into the Church's official books.  Lorenzo and his wife had three children, two sons and a daughter. Lorenzo was called by God to go to Japan to do mission work, so he journeyed to Japan to teach the people there about Jesus. He had not been in Japan very long when he was arrested. He was asked to deny his faith or face death. Even when he was tortured in very painful ways, he would not deny Jesus as Lord, saying, "I will never do it. I am a Catholic and happy to die for God. If I have a thousand lives to offer, I will offer them to God." His feast day is September 28, the day he became a martyr for his faith in 1636. Lorenzo Ruiz is the first Filipino saint and the first Filipino to be martyred for his faith in Jesus.​

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