COVID-19 Update: In-school classes for 2020-21 begin September 8. Read our Return-to-School Plan.

In order to fulfill the fundamental purpose of our Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Mission statement we, the St. Joseph Guardian community, are dedicated to creating a school in which:

  • All are welcomed and encouraged to develop and nurture their faith in order to know God and act as Guardians – to preserve, protect and guard what is noble and good.

  • Faith and spirituality permeate all aspects of the school and Guardians impact the world, upholding the dignity and integrity of all God's creation.

  • Staff and students experience authentic Christian community through involvement in Teacher Guardian Group.

  • Staff members are creative leaders who implement innovative instructional and assessment techniques, are familiar with the latest curricula and uphold high academic expectations for students.

  • Students experiencing difficulty will receive necessary supports and assistance to develop and achieve appropriate educational and career goals.

  • Individual potential is developed and students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life.

  • Open, trusting, affirming collaboration exists between staff, parents and students to enhance learning.

  • There exists a safe, healthy, welcoming community where every person is valued.

  • Staff and community partners collaborate to provide authentic learning experiences, thereby reinforcing the relevance of the academic and extra-curricular programs.

  • Extra-curricular activities, either athletic or social, are instrumental in building a well rounded individual and in creating a sense of belonging and pride in the school.