The responsibility for developing the spiritual dimension of St. Joseph High School rests with each person within the school community.  Each staff member at St. Joseph High School has a clear mandate to live and walk our Catholic faith and, in that way, to provide good Christian leadership and example to all.

Our faith is deepened and nourished through a variety of spiritual experiences.  These include:  daily reflection and prayer at the beginning of the school day, prayer at the start of classes, noon hour prayer and Rosary in the chapel, celebration of the Eucharist, Lenten celebration of Reconciliation.

The study of our faith is undertaken at each grade level under the direction of the Christian Ethics Department.  The grade nine course of instruction examines the Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments.  Grade ten focuses on the life and teachings of Jesus. Grade eleven studies Christian justice, morality and formation of conscience plus Church history. Grade twelve deals with Christian lifestyle and relationships, vocations, and sacraments.  Also, grade ten, eleven, and twelve all have a community service component.  Students are required to attend a retreat at each grade level.

The Christian Ethics programs and the faith dimension that permeates everything at St. Joseph High School should be both challenging and enriching for the student.  Students of all religious convictions are welcome in the St. Joseph Community provided they accept the fact that Christian formation is at the heart of what we are all about. Thus, we believe that students must view the Christian Ethics courses as an integral part of their program and approach these classes with the same attentiveness and diligence as they would any other course.

Liturgical Celebrations

When students enrol in a Catholic school, they are expected to make a conscious commitment to becoming part of the school faith community.  This means that they will participate respectfully in all school liturgies, the celebration of Mass, special seasonal liturgies, penitential services and retreats.  The expectation and invitation of the Catholic school body is to grow in our faith and love of God together.


The teacher chaplain is present in the school to nurture and support students and staff in their faith growth. The teacher chaplain welcomes anyone wishing to see him regarding a personal matter.  He/she will also be available on an informal basis in the hallways and meeting places of the school.