Everyone at St. Joseph has the right to security of person and the right to enjoy a safe environment in and around the school.  There are a number of ways in which students can help keep their school safe.

  • Report strangers in the building to someone in the main office.

  • Let an adult know if a student or students are being harassed, bullied, alienated, or treated badly by other students.

  • Treat one another with respect at all times.  Be inclusive.

  • Alert an adult if there are concerns about another student. Do not make light of situations. Making threatening remarks, even in fun, is inappropriate.

To varying degrees, unacceptable behaviours reflect lack of responsibility and lack of respect for self and others.  Unacceptable behaviours are recognized as serious and will not be allowed.  They require immediate action to determine cause and consequences and to provide opportunities for learning appropriate behaviour. 

In accordance with the Education Act, students are accountable to the school coming to and from the school, during the school day (including during the noon hour), and during school-sponsored activities such as field trips, social or sporting events.